eResources Spotlight: Update on HeinOnline

  • Complete coverage of Annals of Air and Space Law is available digitally for the first time in HeinOnline
  • Nearly 50 titles and 50,000 pages on this relevant and timely topic included in HeinOnline’s fully searchable, user-friendly interface
  • McGill Institute and Centre of Air and Space Law is a leading authority on air and space law
  • New print titles, now published by Hein, will be added to the database two years after publication

About the McGill Institute of Air and Space Law

McGill University’s Institute of Air and Space Law (IASL) is the world’s premier academic setting for teaching and research in the dual disciplines of international air law and space law.

The Centre for Research in Air and Space Law (CRASL) publishes leading literature in both disciplines including the Annals of Air and Space Law (founded in 1976), treatises, monographs, and occasional papers.

McGill Publication in HeinOnline

This online database contains nearly 50 titles and 50,000 pages and includes the renowned Annals of Air and Space Law from inception to current. Additionally, nearly 50 earlier publications from the prestigious McGill Institute of Air and Space Law are included. New titles will be added with a two-year delay and will be indexed for discoverability until the full text is available.

About the Annals of Air and Space Law

Established in 1976, the Annals is devoted to fostering the free exchange of ideas and information pertaining to the law applicable to aerospace activities.

It has been publishing original articles, drafted in English or French, covering the entire spectrum of domestic and international air law and the law of space applications. The contributors are academics and leading practitioners from all parts of the world.

This publication has become a standard source of reference in the fields of air and space law and will be found in most academic libraries, government and airline offices and specialized law offices.


Featured Titles:

  • Annals of Air and Space Law
    • 1976-current
  • Arms Control and Disarmament in Outer Space: Lecture-Seminars given at the Centre for Research of Air and Space Law
    • 4v. 1985-1991
    • Matte, Nicolas Mateesco, Editor
  • Enforcement and Verification of Arms Control Treaties in Outer Space
    • 1v. 1986
  • Global Space Governance
    • 1v. 2015
    • Jakhu, Ram; et al., Editors
  • Public International Air Law, First Edition
    • 1v. 2008
  • World Wide Space Law Bibliography
    • 2v. 1978
    • Li, Kuo Lee
  • Yearbook of Air and Space Law
    • 1965-1967 All Published

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