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Vincent J. Warger, Jr.


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Vincent J. Warger, Jr., J.D. is Director, Public Health, Crew Medical, at Royal Caribbean International / Celebrity Cruises / Azamara Club Cruises in Miami, FL. Warger, Jr. graduated from Florida International University in Miami, and the Nova Southeastern Law School, Ft. Lauderdale, FL. He has been an adjunct professor at Miami-Dade College for 22  years, and Florida International University for five years, and is an active member of The Florida Bar. Warger, Jr. joined Royal Caribbean International in 1994 and held various directorship positions there including director of risk management, and director of claims and medical services. Publications include Medicine on the Seas, Tulane Maritime Law Journal (2003), and Amendments to Athens Convention Threaten US Maritime Law, International Travel Law Journal (2001).