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The Ovadia CP&P Office aims to guide and assist students in every step of their professional development journey. In keeping with the Office’s partnership model, it is committed to help create and maintain a pipeline of employment opportunities. The CP&P Office also commits to provide comprehensive programming to help students develop the tools needed to meaningfully participate in those opportunities.

In law school, the process of planning a career and applying for jobs starts early. Students should take the time to browse the following material, which will help students learn about the services and opportunities that will make finding a job easier. Students may also visit the CP&P Office for additional printed materials from a variety of sources that discuss career planning, job search techniques and particular legal practice areas.

The Ovadia CP&P Office Blog

The Ovadia CP&P Office Blog contains weekly posts of upcoming employment opportunities, scholarships, writing competitions and networking events. All information posted on the Blog can also be found on Symplicity.

Career Planning & Exploration
Job Databases
Writing Competitions

INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY: Select writing competitions in the fields of IP, Entertainment and Technology Law available here.

Résumés, Cover Letters & Other Correspondence
Social Media Marketing Resources