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Roy Black

From personal experience I can attest the FIU Trial Advocacy program is one of the nation’s premiere programs for developing trial skills. Their perfect mix of academic rigor, practical application and intense individual focus creates superior trial lawyers. The program’s excellence starts with the faculty who have stellar trial and academic experience.”

Famed trial lawyer Roy Black was our inaugural presenter at Great Legal Storytellers in February 2012, speaking to a capacity crowd in our ceremonial courtroom for his main presentation, and then, in the advocacy workshop to follow, to just a small group of our students who were privileged to work with Roy on the art of cross examination. In December 2014, we were privileged to again host Roy, this time as our featured CLE@FIU presenter on cross examination.

Link to his web profile:  http://www.royblack.com/attorneys/roy-black/

Tom Mesereau

I was honored to participate in the FIU Trial Advocacy Program as their second Great Legal Storyteller. And based both on my experience and watching from afar how FIU continues to progress, I am proud to say that this Trial Advocacy Program is preparing future generations of trial lawyers — of great legal storytellers — like none other. Its students, with whom I was privileged to work, are earnest, driven, and highly capable, and their intention to do justice is matched only by the spirit and quality of the faculty and the program’s proven curriculum of advocacy coursework and trial team competition success. I believe, without question, that the trial lawyer is liberty’s true, and often last, champion. And so I take great personal pride in the work being done by FIU to maintain this tradition – the tradition of the trial lawyer – as I celebrate the FIU Trial Advocacy Program for continuing to prepare its Trial Lawyers-in-Residence to enter our profession as passionate, principled, practice-ready warriors of the courtroom.”

Famed trial attorney and Michael Jackson defender Tom Mesereau was our second Great Legal Storyteller in February 2013. Tom spent two days with us – the first, on campus with our students, including a private workshop in our small courtroom on cross examination. The following day, Tom graciously agreed to give another presentation, this one to a packed ceremonial courtroom at the Richard E. Gerstein Justice Building to our local bench and bar.

Link to his web profile:  http://mesereaulaw.com/tom-mesereau-bio-and-victories.html

Student Testimonials

Julia, Class of 2017

“I’m at Maxwell Air Force Base this summer for JAG school.  After our mock court-martial, the instructors selected the top 10% of advocators for a trial competition.  I was the first selectee.  Every skill I showed during the mock court-martial was from your Trial Advocacy course.  I give a true thank you for how much you put into the course, and the students.”

Jenny, Class of 2017

“Thank you for this experience in Trial Advocacy. I can truly tell you that this is the most exhilarating and exciting semester I have had in law school.  I am more empowered now than ever before.  I got this!  And I’ll be a great attorney!”

Garrick, Class of 2018

“Having taken Trial Advocacy, I’ve become better equipped for the real world as a future attorney and a better person all around.”

Jaclyn, Class of 2017

“Advanced Trial Advocacy was my favorite course in law school.  I was just learning how to speak to a jury in basic Trial Advocacy, and Advanced has shown me that if I walk into a courtroom tomorrow, I will be ready to try a case in front of a jury.  For any student who wants to be a courtroom lawyer, they need to take this course.  I have learned an incredible amount, and now, I feel confident in my ability to represent a real client in the near future.”

Daniel, Class of 2018

“Now I can truly claim that I walk into the world with confidence. It is no longer something I want, it is something I feel. And I have this class to thank for that feeling.”

Michael, Class of 2017

“Trial Advocacy was the most rewarding experience I have ever had in law school. You may not know this about me but I struggle with extreme anxiety — often times debilitating. This class, and the final trial, have allowed me to realize how to overcome that feeling and be present in the moment. Every piece of confidence that people have taken from me throughout my life feels to have been restored. This class will stay with me for the rest of my life.”

Azarius, Class of 2017

“Before your class, the idea of being a public defender was a hazy idea, clouded by social stigma and misperception — the ideas that out of school I need to accumulate wealth, and that the more “prestigious” job I could secure would be what defines me as a lawyer. You shattered these notions and instilled in me a drive to not just be a lawyer, but to become an advocate. Now, as a public defender, I could not be happier advocating for my clients. At times it presents challenges, but those challenges have become a catalyst for growth — the need to confront my own fears, biases, and shortcomings – and throughout each day, I am reminded of the small, but big lessons we learned in class. In sum, thank you. Thank you for sharing your wisdom. And know that Advanced Trial Ad continues beyond the classroom.”

Igor, Class of 2013

I tried a criminal case in Broward a couple of days ago, before a judge whom I had never appeared in front of before.  As I was walking out with our client – after our verdict – the judge shouted from the bench, ‘You are welcome in my courtroom any time.  You are a true professional.’  This is a testament to the values of passionate principled advocacy that you and the FIU Trial Advocacy Program instilled in me.