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Spring 2017 Book List

5100U01CarpenterCriminal Law(Book 1)
Dressler, Understanding Criminal Law
Carolina Academic7th Edition9781632838643
(Book 2)
Dressler, Garvey, Cases and Materials on Criminal Law
West Academic7th Edition9781628102055
5100U02WeisbordCriminal LawDressler, Garvey, Cases and Materials on Criminal LawWest7th Edition9781628102055
5259U01WeisbordIntro International & Comp LawDunoff, Rattner, International Law: Norms, Actors, ProcessWolters Kluwer4th Edition9781454849513
5259U02JallohIntro International & Comp LawDunoff, Rattner, International Law: Norms, Actors, ProcessWolters Kluwer4th Edition9781454849513
5300U01, U10WassermanCivil Procedure(Book 1)
Mullenix, Leading Cases in Civil Procedure
West Academic3rd Edition9781634606820
(Book 2)
Glannon, The Glannon Guid e to Civil Procedure
Wolters Kluwer3rd Edition9781454827467
(Book 3)
Clermont, Federal Rules of Civil Procedure
Foundation Press2016 Edition9781634605625
5300U02FoleyCivil Procedure(Book 1)
Yeazell, Schwartz, Civil Procedure
Wolters Kluwer9th Edition9781454868347
(Book 2)
Yeazell, Schwartz, Federal Rules of Civil Procedure With Selected Statutes, Cases and Other Materials
Wolters Kluwer2016 Edition9781454875628
5400U01Rodriguez-DodPropertyBruce, Ely, Modern Property LawWest Academic6th Edition9780314168986
5400U02RobbinsPropertySinger, Berger, Property Law: Rules, Policies and PracticesWolters Kluwer6th Edition9781454837619
5400U10MirowProperty(Book 1)
Dukeminier, Property
Wolters KluwerConcise Edition 149781454830726
(Book 2)
Sprankling, Global Issues in Property Law
West Academic6th Edition9780314167293
5781U01, U10Schulze Jr/ LorenzoLegal ReasoningNo Textbook RequiredN/AN/AN/A
5793All Sections U01, U02, U03, U04, U05, U06, U10Rosenthal, Schrier, Correoso, Klion, Delionado, BrownLegal Skills & Values II(Book 1)
Rocklin, Rocklin, An Advocate Persuades
Carolina Academic Press2015 Edition9781611631500
(Book 2)
The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation
Harvard Law Review20th Edition9780692400197
6010U10AngladeSales(Book 1)
Keating, Sales: A Systems Approach
Wolters Kluwer6th Edition9781454857921
(Book 2)
Mann, Ewarren, Westbrook, Comprehensive Commercial Law Statutory Supplement
Wolters Kluwer2016 Edition9781454875383
6043U01MarkhamConsumer Credit LawSpanogle, Rohner, Consumer Law, Cases and MaterialsWest4th Edition9780314277398
6051U10EsquirolSecured Transactions(Book 1)
Warren, Walt, Secured Transactions In Personal Property
Foundation Press9th Edition9781609303426
(Book 2)
Warren, Walt, Commercial Law: Selected Statutes, 2016-2017 Edition
Foundation Press2016-2017 Edition9781634607179
6052U01Isaiah/ EspinosaBankruptcy Law(Book 1)
Bussel, Skeel, Jr., Bankruptcy
Foundation Press10th Edition9781609304409
(Book 2)
Thomson West, Bankruptcy Code and Rules * available for shipping 12/26/2016
Thomson West2017 Compact Edition9780314679604
6060U10MarkhamBusiness Organizations(Book 1)
Hazen, Markham, Corporations and Other Business Enterprises, Cases and Materials
West4th Edition9780314284372
(Book 2)
Hazen and Markham's Corporations, Other Limited Liability Entities and Partnerships, Statutory and Documentary Supplement
West2016-2017 Edition9781634607438
6105U01HarperDeath Penalty LawCarter, Kreitzber, Howe, Understanding Capital Punishment LawLexis Nexis3rd Edition9780769849027
6112U01MorenoCrim Pro Investigation(Book 1)
Kamisar, Basic Criminal Procedure (Casebook Plus version)
West Academic14th Edition9781634595308
(Book 2)
Kamisar, Criminal Procedure Supplement
West Academic2016 Edition9781634607568
6116U01LevineWhite Collar CrimeSiegel, White Collar Crime Procedure, Theory and PracticeWolters Kluwer2011 Edition9780735596511
6254U01ChoudhuryComp Family LawNo Textbook RequiredN/AN/A N/A
6264U10Gomez, JImmigration LawAleinikoff, Martin, Motomura, Fullerton, Immigration and Nationality Laws of the United States: Selected Statutes, Regulations and FormsWest Academic2016 Edition9781634607841
6281U01MirowLatin America Private Law(Book 1)
Merryman, Perez-Perdomo, The Civil Law Tradition
Stanford University Press3rd Edition9780804755689
(Book 2)
Mirow, Latin American Law: A History of Private Law and Institutions In Spanish America
University of Texas Press 1st Edition9780292721425
(Book 3)
Mirow, Latin American Constitutions: The Constitution of Cadiz and its Legacy in Spanish America
Cambridge University Press1st Edition9781107025592
6305U01RomanRemediesRendleman, Roberts, Remedies: Cases and MaterialsWest8th Edition9780314264664
6310U01MorenoADR Folberg, Golann, & Stipanowich, Resolving Disputes: Theory Practice and LawWolters Kluwer2nd Edition9780735589018
6313U10Coffey, KNegotiationMenkel-Meadow, Schneider, Love, Negotiation: Processes for Problem SolvingAspen2nd Edition9781454802648
6330U10CarpenterEvidence(Book 1)
Giannelli, Understanding Evidence
Lexis Nexis4th Edition9780769859897
(Book 2)
Burns, Evidence in Context
NITA4th Edition9781422491669
6350U01, U10RuizLaw & Procedure: US & FloridaMaterials to be purchased directly from BarbriN/AN/AN/A
6361U01FingerhutPre-Trial PracticeBerger, Mitchell, Clark, Pre-Trial Advocacy: Planning, Analysis and StrategyAspen5th Edition9781454870005
6363All SectionsU01, U02, U04, U10, U11, U12Fingerhut
Trial Advocacy(Book 1)
Rose, Fundamental Trial Advocacy
West Academic 3nd Edition9781634598286
(Book 2)
Ehrhardt, Florida Trial Objections
Thomson West5th Edition9780314612274
6403U10JuradoFlorida Condo LawThe Florida Bar, Florida Condominium and Community Association LawLexisNexis3rd Edition9780769899855
6425U10LeibyConstruction LawLeiby, Florida Construction Law ManualThomson West2016-2017 Edition9780314840202
6426U01MesnekoffReal Estate Transactions Malloy, Smith, Real Estate Transactions: Problems, Cases and MaterialsAspen4th Edition9780735507159
6430U01Rodriguez-DodWills and TrustsMarty-Nelson, Florida Wills, Trusts, and Estates Cases and MaterialsCarolina Academic Press3rd Edition9781611638691
6470U01RobbinsNatural Resources LawRasband, Salzman, Squillace, Kalen, Natural Resources Law and PolicyWest3rd Edition9781609304423
6515U01AngladeDisability LawBagentos, Disability Rights LawWest Academic2nd Edition9781599414522
6550U01TravisAntitrustPitofsky, Goldschmid, & Wood, Trade Regulation: Cases and Materials West Academic5th Edition9781587785450
6553U01ChoudhuryLaw and Development(Book 1)
Peet, Theories of Development
Guilford Publications3rd Edition9781462519576
(Book 2)
Santos, The New Law and Economic Development: A Critical Appraisal
Cambridge University Press1st Edition9780521860215
(Book 3)
Escobar, Encountering Development: The making and Unmaking of the Third World
Princeton University Press1st Edition9780691150451
6561U01Roberts/MartinSecurities Law EnforcementPalmiter, Examples & Explanations: Securities RegulationWolters Kluwer6th Edition9781454833925
6572U01TravisCopyright LawNo Required TextbookN/AN/AN/A
6610U01GabilondoCorp & Partnership Tax(Book 1)
Kwall, The Federal Income Taxation of Corporations, Partnerships, Limited Liability Companies, and Their Owners
Foundation Press5th Edition9781609303136
*Students should also have a statute book of federal income tax provisions, either the one used in the federal income taxation class or any version that has the business tax provisions.
6702U10SalasProducts LiabilityOwen, Davis, Products Liability and SafetyFoundation Press7th Edition9781609302283
6710U10FajardoFamily LawNo Textbook RequiredN/AN/AN/A
6723U01MasonMedical-Legal ClinicNo Textbook RequiredN/AN/AN/A
6750U10RomanProfessional Responsibility(Book 1)
Lerman, Schrag, Ethical Problems in the Practice of Law
Wolters Kluwer4th Edition9781454863045
(Book 2)
Lerman, Gupta, Schrag, Ethical Problems in the Practice of Law 2015-2016: Model Rules, State Variations and Practice Questions
Wolters Kluwer2015-2016 Edition9781454851912
6797All SectionsWalter, Rodriguez, Chong, Thornton, Carey, Kogan, Leen, Casey, KokorudaLegal Skills & Values III(Book 1)
Fajans, Falk, & Shapo, Writing for Law Practice
Foundation Press3rd Edition9781609304447
(Bok 2)
Krieger & Neumann, Jr., Essential Lawyering Skills
Wolters Kluwer4th Edition9781454830986
(Book 3)
Harvard Law Review, Columbia Law Review, Yale Law Review, The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation
Harvard Law Review Assn20th Edition9780692400197
(Book 4)
Enquist, Just Writing: Grammar, Punctuation, and Style for the Legal Writer
Wolters Kluwer4th Edition9781454826989
6845U01Osei TutuFashion and Design LawJimenez, Kolsun, Fashion Law: Cases and MaterialsCarolina Academic Press2016 Edition9781611634891
6936U01EsquirolSeminarsCourse materials provided. Students registered for the seminar can pick up materials from Marsha Walker in RDB 2060 beginning December 19th
6936U03GabilondoSeminarsNo Required TextbookN/AN/AN/A
6936U04RobbinsSeminarsGerrard, Freeman, Global Climate Change and U.S. LawAmerican Bar Association2nd Edition9781627227414
6936U05Gomez, M.SeminarsFriedman, Perez-Perdomo, Gomez, Law in Many Societies: A ReaderStanford University Press 11th Edition9780804763745
6936U06JordanSeminarsLyon, Hughes, Prosser, Marceau, Federal Habeas Corpus: Cases and MaterialsCarolina Academic2nd Edition9781594608667
6936U07Osei TutuSeminarsNo Required TextbookN/AN/AN/A
6936U08KoteySeminarsAntoine, Commonwealth Caribbean Law and Legal SystemsRoutledge2nd Edition9781859418536
6936U09JallohSeminarsNo Textbook RequiredN/AN/A N/A
6943U01Gomez, JImmigration ClinicCatholic Legal Immigration Network (CLINIC), Representing Clients in Immigration CourtAILA2nd Edition 20109781573703062
6945U01KoteyCriminal Externship PlacementWortham, Scherr, Maurer, Brooks, Learning from PracticeWest Academic3rd Edition9781634596183
6949U01KoteyCivil Externship PlacementWortham, Scherr, Maurer, Brooks, Learning from PracticeWest Academic3rd Edition9781634596183
6984U10, U11KoteyJudicial Externship PlacementWortham, Scherr, Maurer, Brooks, Learning from PracticeWest Academic3rd Edition9781634596183
6999U10Acosta/ MasonSemester In PracticeNo Textbook RequiredN/AN/A N/A
7303U10Rodriguez, JFlorida Civil PracticeRamirez, Rodriguez, Florida Civil Procedure: Cases and MaterialsCarolina Academic2nd Edition9781611632934
7364U01SmithAdvanced Trial Advocacy(Book 1)
Berger, Mitchell, Clark, Trial Advocacy: Planning, Analysis and Strategy
Aspen3rd Edition9780735598164
(Book 2)
Ehrhardt, Florida Trial Objections
Thomson West5th Edition9780314612274
7503U10Coffey, JFlorida Constitutional LawCooper, Florida Constitutional Law: Cases and MaterialsCarolina Academic5th Edition9781611630848
7510U01WassermanCivil RightsWasserman, Understanding Civil Rights LitigationCarolina Academic Press1st Edition9780769845838
7511U01FishFirst Amendment(Book 1)
Hellman, Araiza, Baker, First Amendment Law: Freedom of Expression and Freedom of Religion
Carolina Academic Press3rd Edition9781630431099
(Book 2)
Garvey, Schauer, The First Amendment: A Reader
West Academic2nd Edition9780314066732
7804U01WadeU.S. Law II, LLMNo Textbook RequiredN/AN/AN/A
7813U01KoteyCommunity Law TeachingBergman, Berman, The Criminal Law HandbookNOLO14th Edition9781413321791
7930U01FlorenSpecial Topics: Foreign & International Legal ResearchHoffman, Berring, International Legal Research in a NutshellThomson West2008 Edition9780314163240
7948U01LittleSmall Business ClinicAlvarez, Tremblay, Introduction to Transactional Lawyering PracticeWest Publishing1st Edition (May 28, 2013)9780314254504
6106U01HarperDeath Penalty ClinicNo Textbook RequiredN/AN/AN/A