Pathways to the Profession

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Pathways to the Profession provides you with a framework for identifying your professional goals. It starts by asking the questions:

  • In what areas of law do you want to practice?
  • What types of clients do you want to serve?
  • What courses should you take each semester?
  • What fundamental lawyering skills do you want to build during your law school years?

By answering these questions you will be better prepared to develop your goals and a coherent law school plan. With the answers to these questions in mind, and your goals in focus, the Pathway to the Profession will help you structure an academic plan that’s right for you. Select one of the Pathways and explore your options!

The Pathways are organized to take you from your first-year foundation course work to upper level courses in a particular focus area. During each of the three stages, you should consider taking one or more of the courses listed.

FIU Law offers the following Pathways: Alternative Dispute Resolution, Business Law, Citizenship & Migration, Civil Litigation, Commercial Law, Criminal Law, Estate Planning & Probate, Family Law, Health Law, Intellectual Property, International & Comparative Law, Labor & Employment Law, Public & Regulatory Law and Real Estate Law.

The Pathways are arranged in three steps:

Core Courses – fundamental courses that will better prepare you for the advanced electives.
Advanced Electives – courses focusing on a particular subject within the Pathway.
Experiential Courses – clinics and skills courses that offer hands-on practice.

The Bar Preparation Pathway is a unique pathway that focuses on
helping students better prepare for the bar examination.

* Please note that some Pathways are still under construction.