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Paralegal On-Campus Program

LSI On-Campus Program

The Legal Studies Institute (LSI), an affiliate of FIU Law, has served the legal education needs of the community for more than 30 years. With a focus on students, LSI provides exceptional legal training with a hands-on approach and an assortment of resources to help our students excel both in and out of the classroom.

Enroll Today! Classes Begin January 3, 2023

Program Details

Overview and Qualifications

  • Over 600 hours of instruction, simulation, or student required work.
  • Complete in just one year.
  • Classes conveniently held on weekday evenings and Saturday mornings.
  • Classes held at: Florida International University 11200 SW 8 Street - Rafael Diaz-Balart Hall - Miami, FL 33199
  • Qualifications: High School Diploma/GED.
  • Upon completion of the program, students receive a certificate perfect for framing.
  • This is a professional certificate program.
  • Credits are not transferable, or applicable to other academic programs.

Qualifications and Other Important information

  • Qualifications: High School Diploma/GED.
  • Upon completion of the program, students receive a certificate perfect for framing.
  • This is a professional certificate program.
  • Credits are not transferable, or applicable to other academic programs. 


The Paralegal Certificate Program’s curriculum is based on the American Association for Paralegal Education (AAfPE) guidelines and the National Association of Legal Assistants (NALA). As a member of AAfPE, our Program is in substantial compliance with its course guidelines. This ensures that our students receive an education based on ABA guidelines and at par with that of any Paralegal Certificate Program in the United States. The Paralegal Certificate Program is comprised of 9 courses. Each class will meet for 90 minutes once per week for 14 weeks. By just attending school twice a week, you will obtain your Paralegal Certificate in just one year.

Semester 1 (Core Courses):

  • Introduction to the Legal System
  • Civil Procedures
  • Legal Research and Writing

Semesters 2 and 3:

  • Torts
  • Criminal Law
  • Family Law
  • Contracts and Business Organizations
  • Constitutional Law
  • Real Estate and Trusts and Estates

LSI On-Campus Tuition





Application Fee



  1. All payments must be made in full on or before the DROP/ADD date which takes place about the second week after classes begin.
  2. A $100 late payment fee will be applied to outstanding balances after the DROP/ADD deadline.
  3. Payments are accepted in the form of either: Credit Card, Check Card, Personal Check, Cashier’s Check, Money Order, or Bank Wire Transfer (made payable to FIU-LSI). No Cash will be accepted.
  4. The $25 Application Fee is nonrefundable and nontransferable.

To request a refund

A student may request a refund of the course only as provided below:

  1. A full course fee refund (100%) may be granted for a course if a written request has been submitted via email to: Provided such written request is submitted on or before the DROP/ADD date as stated above in item 1 in the Payments section.
  2. No course fee refund will be granted for any requests received by the LSI Registrar after the DROP/ADD deadline.

Transferring one course fee payment to another course

A student may request a transfer of course fee payment for one course (original course) to pay for a different course that the student will be attending in the same semester.

  1. Transfers are at the discretion of the Director.
  2. In order to be considered for a transfer you must submit a written request to the LSI Registrar via email to: legal@fiu.edualong with a valid reason for the transfer request.
  3. A transfer request will not be approved if the request is received by the LSI Registrar more than two weeks after the original course began.

Note: Failure to submit a timely course fee refund request or transfer as stipulated above will obligate you to the personal financial liability for the course(s).


Financial Aid

If you are applying for Financial Aid, complete the FAFSA application and submit it 4-6 weeks prior to the start of the program. We cannot guarantee you will be awarded funds in time to start classes.

Standard of Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy
The Office of Financial Aid (OFA) is required by federal and state regulations to monitor the academic progress of potential and current financial aid recipients. Financial Aid applicants must comply with the Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) policy as a condition of initial or continued eligibility. Please note that even if a student has not currently applied for financial aid, or is not currently receiving aid, this policy applies and prior academic progress will be evaluated to determine eligibility for financial aid.

Satisfactory academic progress is measured both qualitatively and quantitatively. The qualitative measure requires maintaining a satisfactory grade point average. The quantitative measure requires successfully completing a required ratio of attempted credits and receiving a degree in a timely manner.

For the students of the non-credit Paralegal Certificate, this translates as follows:

  • Students will qualify for financial aid (Stafford loans) as long as they maintain a “C” grade point average or above each term you are enrolled.
  • If you drop, fail, or withdraw from any classes, these will not be counted toward your program GPA, but will be used to calculate financial aid eligibility. For example, if a student registers for two classes, receives an A in one class and withdraws from the other, this second class will be considered an “F” for financial aid purposes. Consequently, the student will fall below the minimum GPA and will not qualify for financial aid the following semester.
  • Students must successfully complete a minimum of two courses each term.

Financial Aid will be available for a maximum of two years or the equivalent of 6 semesters.

After the program requirements are met and a Certificate of Completion is issued, students are welcome to continue their studies, but will NOT qualify for continued financial aid.

If you withdraw, drop out of school or drop below half-time, your financial aid award may be reduced or cancelled, and you may be required to return a portion of the aid awarded to you. If you are entitled to a refund of your tuition, all or part of the refund may be applied to the financial aid fund from which your aid was awarded. You may also be required to return a portion of the funds disbursed directly to you. The amount of the return is based on a formula established by the US Department of Education. You should always consult with a Financial Aid Administrator prior to dropping or withdrawing to determine your potential liability.

Financial Aid is available only in the form of a “Stafford Loan.” Students may contact the Office of Financial Aid at 305.348.6292 for further information.

Please read and follow the directions below in order to complete your financial aid application.

  • Visit to complete the financial aid application online. In order to complete this application you must use your income tax report.
  • Send completed application electronically to Florida International University.  School Code: 009635
  • Once you have applied for financial aid, complete your application which includes submitting an, providing two letters of recommendation, a resumeand a $25.00 application fee.
  • Wait for an email from LSI that your Stafford Loan has been awarded. Confirmations will be sent out beginning four weeks prior to the start date of the semester.
  • Upon receiving your award confirmation, visit and login with your assigned Panther ID (FIU student ID number). If you don’t know your Panther ID, click on the “Look up your Panther ID” link next to the Sign In button and enter requested personal information on the screen that follows. Your initial password is your date of birth in MMDDYYYY format.
  • Once logged in, look for Finances in the Student Center box in the middle of the screen. In Finances, you will see your financial aid award(s) and have the option to accept/decline awards (after accepting your loan, be sure to click SUBMIT).
  • After officially accepting your loan award, you must notify the LSI office by email at


  • If you need assistance completing the FAFSA application, contact the financial aid office at 305.348.6292.
  • The FAFSA application must be renewed every year once your taxes are completed.
  • Our program only qualifies for Stafford Loans, which is money that must be paid back. Non-credit programs are NOT eligible for grants (free money).
  • If you accept more money than you need to pay for your classes, the remaining amount will be issued to you by a check in the mail or deposited into your account if you sign up for direct deposit.
  • Students can sign up for direct deposit at
  • Disbursements take place approximately on to two months after classes begin. We recommend that you don’t wait for disbursement to purchase your textbooks.

Pay Application Fee

Click here to pay application fee.

Frequently Asked Questions & Documents

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What are the requirements for enrolling in the Paralegal Program?
A:  Applicants must complete an online application form.

Q:  How is the Paralegal Program structured?
  Students complete 9 courses in 3 consecutive semesters. Each class meets for 90 minutes, once per week, for 14 weeks. Students are automatically registered in the semester that pertains to them so there is no guessing about which classes come next. Students receive their schedule and syllabi approximately one month before the start of the semester.

Q:  I’m a working adult. Will I be able to complete the Paralegal Program?
  Our program is designed to accommodate the needs of working adults. Classes are conveniently scheduled on weekday evenings at 7:00 p.m. By attending classes 2 days a week, you will obtain your Paralegal Certificate in just one year!.

Q:  Is there an Orientation session for the Paralegal Program?
A:  A mandatory orientation session is conducted each semester before the start of classes for On-Campus students. The orientation session is not required for Online students. All new students and those students returning after a two semester absence are required to attend the Orientation. 

Q:  I’m going to law school. Can the Paralegal Certificate Program help prepare me?
   Yes. Many of our graduates have gone on to succeed in law school. This program will expose you to the basics of jurisprudence and many different areas of law. The Program will reinforce legal terminology, theory and practical applications of the United States legal system and jurisprudence. It will prepare you to train your mind to analyze and solve legal issues. This program will serve as a solid foundation on which to build your law school career.

Q: I am an attorney in a foreign country, what would be the advantages to completing the Paralegal Certificate Program?
 Traditionally, a large percentage of our students have law degrees from schools in other countries. They have experienced several advantages as a result of completing the Program. This course serves as a means to familiarizing themselves with the terminology, theory, and practical applications of the United States legal system and jurisprudence. Some of our students have recently immigrated to the United States and our Program serves as an initial educational step while preparing for acceptance into a U.S. law school. Some foreign attorneys choose to take our courses because they are considering expanding their practice in their native countries to serve clients from the United States. This Program helps introduce them to the terminology of law in the United States and to the intricacies of the various practice areas covered by our specialty courses, always keeping in mind that Paralegals must work under the supervision of an attorney.

Q: Do I receive credit for the Paralegal Program courses?
 The Paralegal Program is a non-credit professional program. Students do not earn regular college credits towards a degree. 

Q: Is there a graduation ceremony for the Paralegal Certificate Program?
 Upon successfully completing all course work, a student is awarded a Certificate of Completion by the FIU Legal Studies Institute. Additionally, the student will be invited to participate in a graduation ceremony celebrated once a year, usually around June or July.

Q: Does the program offer job placement assistance?
 Yes! We offer opportunities for placement with various local government agencies, law firms and corporate legal departments.

Q: When is the best time to start the Paralegal Certificate Program?

A: Right now! Because the Program only spans one calendar year, the sooner you start, the sooner you will complete your studies and receive your certificate! A new course starts each term: spring, summer and fall. You never have to wait to begin your coursework. 

Q: What are the Financial Aid options available to me?
Financial Aid is available only in the form of a “Stafford Loan.” Students will be contacted upon application with additional information.

Q: What is included in cost of program?
  The cost of the program includes tuition, access to technology and other legal reference tools. The non-refundable application fee, books and parking fees are not included in the cost of the program. 


As a non-credit professional program, students will not earn regular college credits towards a degree.

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