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The SEMESTER-IN-PRACTICE Practicum is a full-time immersion course offering students both the support of an in-house clinic and an offsite externship.  The SIP Practicum provides third and fourth year (3L, 4L) with full-time practical experience for an entire semester at a private firm, a corporation, a non-profit, legal services organization or a government agency.  Students gain hands-on experience through either a paid or non-paid credit-based field placement working directly with an attorney/field supervisor and receiving oversight at the law school from a faculty supervisor(s). Fall/spring SIP placements may be in Miami, throughout the United States or abroad.  (All placements will be selected and pre-approved by the College of Law Dean and Sr. Assoc. Dean for Clinical Education; placements are limited to these pre-approved sites.)

The primary purpose of the SIP Practicum is to provide opportunities for students to develop lawyering skills; to apply knowledge garnered through prior doctrinal and theoretical instruction to a practical setting; and engage in critical reflection about the legal profession, their legal career, and their priorities and values as lawyers and individuals through supervised field experiences and the contemporaneous seminar.  Admission to the SIP Practicum is by application only. Enrollment is limited to fifteen (15) students and all application must possess minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.10.

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