Center for Professionalism & Ethics

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The Florida International University College of Law Center for Professionalism and Ethics mission is to enhance public confidence and faith in the legal profession and the judiciary by educating and training law students to become ethical members of the bar who practice with the highest level of integrity and professionalism.

FIU Law acknowledges that lawyers’ occupy a unique place within our society. A well-trained, ethical lawyer through his/her expertise and leadership has the opportunity to make profound and lasting individual, community-wide and even potentially global contributions. The Center was established in light of this distinctive privilege afforded to attorneys. We recognize that our duty as a professional school is to not only to provide students with the skills necessary the practice of law but also with the opportunity to develop the requisite professional judgment, integrity and maturity that should accompany those skills. Further, the law school has a concomitant obligation to the region, state, nation and international community to assist the larger legal profession and the society it serves by graduating students who willing embrace and model accountability, ethics awareness, and civic responsibility. FIU Law’s paramount obligations will be reflected through the Center’s several initiatives including professionalism education, experiential, community service and diversity programming, a distinguished lecturers’ series, scholarly research and a variety of outreach projects.