TOEFL® (Tue & Thu) at FIU ELI

FTL: 10-session course on Legal English, U.S. Law, international arbitration and transnational litigation for foreign-trained lawyers at FIU LAW (Fridays).


Program Schedule

10 sessions on Fridays 2:00PM-6:30PM (40 hours, approx.). 

Session 1:
Introduction to the Course and Fundamental Aspects of United States Law

o   Fundamental Institutions

o   The Judicial Branch and the Role of the Judges

o   The United States Judiciary, Structure, and Guiding Principles

o   Distinctive Features of the American Legal System. The Doctrine of Precedent (stare decisis)

o   Principles of Constitutional Law in the United States

Session 2:
American Legal Vocabulary (Legalese)

o   Foundations of American Law, Bilingual Legalism, American Legal Vocabulary and Scientific Terminology (legalese)

o   Sources of American Law

o   Principles and Techniques for Effective Legal Writing in English

Session 3:
Introduction to US Contract Law

o   Basic Principles of Contract Law in the U.S

o   Conclusion, Execution and Interpretation of Contracts

o   International Transactions and Contracts from the U.S. Perspective

Session 4:
Introduction to Torts in the United States, and Legal Remedies for International Torts

o   Overview and Definition of Torts in United States law. Intentional Torts

o   Negligence

o   Strict Liability and Product Liability

o   Other Torts (Harm to economic/dignitary interest)

Session 5:
Civil Litigation in US Courts

o   The United States Judiciary, Structure, and Guiding Principles

o   The Domestic and Transnational Dimension of Civil Litigation in the United States

o   Fundamental Aspects of Transnational Litigation in United States Courts

o   The Hurdles of Effecting Service of Process on a Defendant Located Abroad, from the Standpoint of the United States

o   Practical Aspects Involving Service of Process under The Hague Service Convention and United States Law

Session 6:
International and Complex Litigation in the U.S.

o   Principles of International and Cross-border Dispute Resolution

Complex litigation, Class Actions, Multiple Jurisdiction, Coordination and Consolidation

o   Fundamentals of the American Adversarial System.

o   Civil Procedure and its Legal Terminology in the U.S.

o   The Preparation and Conduct of a Civil Trial.

o   Third party Funding in Civil Litigation

Session 7:
Criminal Procedure

o   Basics of Criminal Law

o   Criminal Procedure in the US.

o   Legal Terminology:  Arraignment, Bail, Plea bargaining, Indictment

Session 8:
International Commercial Arbitration from the U.S. perspective

o   Basic Principles of International Commercial Arbitration

o   Legal Framework for International and Domestic Arbitration

o   Arbitration Agreements: Formation, Validity and Enforceability

Session 9:
Treaty-Based Investment Arbitration

o   Basic Principles of Investment Arbitration.

o   Legal Framework for International Investment Protection

o   Procedural Issues in Investment Arbitration.

Session 10:
Transnational Legal Practice in the United States

o   The “International Lawyer” from the Standpoint of the United States

o   The Hurdles of Transnational Legal Practice in the 21st Century

o   Legal Profession in the US for Foreign-Trained Lawyers

Admission, Tuition & Other Information

•             Admission: For the English component a minimum level 5 or higher placement on all four sections is required for TOEFL preparation classes at FIU ELI. Prospective students who do not meet the level 5 requisite are welcome to register for the ELI Intensive English Program (IEP). I-20s forms are not issued for the TOEFL course alone. F-1 students may add this class to their full-time program. Application and testing fees are nonrefundable and nontransferable. Fees do not include books, supplies, or parking permits.

•             Course Objectives: This is a TOEFL® preparation course for those individuals seeking admission to American universities, licenses, certification in professional fields, or proof of proficiency for job placement + improving legal English skills and the knowledge on fundamental legal subject matters from the U.S perspective.

•             Course Schedule: TOEFL® at FIU ELI (Tuesdays & Thursdays), and Fundamentals of Transnational Law (FTL) at FIU LAW (Fridays).

•             Duration, schedule, dates:

•             Tuition: TOEFL Preparation Course – $ 479

FTL (Foreign Trained Lawyers) – $ 1250

FTL (Full-time Law Students from outside the U.S) – $950


•             U.S. Visa: Participants are allowed to register for this non-degree course by holding a U.S. B1/B2 visa. This course does not require an F1 (student visa). For those applying for or renewing a U.S. B1/B2 visa, the FIU College of Law will issue a letter to certify their registration. F-1 students may add the TOEFL® preparation course to their full-time program. Those seeking to take the ELI’s Intensive English Program (IEP) must apply for an FI (student) visa.

•             Diploma: after satisfactory completion of this non-degree course, students will receive a diploma issued by the FIU College of Law.

•             Each participant is responsible for their own transportation, lodging and other expenses.

Academic Coordination

Prof. Gilberto A. Guerrero-Rocca
(JSM, Stanford Law School. WDA Legal.
International Legal Program Manager, FIU College of Law).

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