Two weeks of Intensive Training in Legal English, U.S. law, International Arbitration and Transnational Litigation from the U.S. Perspective

This two-week long non-degree course is aimed at law students, lawyers and other legal professionals from around the world seeking to excel in an increasingly globalized and competitive legal environment.

ADVANCED is conducted twice a year at FIU LAW, where students hone their language skills in legal English and gain in-depth knowledge of key practical aspects of transnational and comparative law from the United States perspective.

ADVANCED is divided into two modules: Advanced Legal English (ALE) covering fundamentals in legal writing, oral advocacy, legal analysis, and legal research skills and Fundamentals of Transnational Law (FTL) covering important topics such as introduction to American law, international arbitration and transnational litigation.

It also offers essential pedagogical techniques, legal English skills, and fundamental concepts of U.S. law in both its domestic and transnational areas needed by foreign students to take full advantage and excel at an American Law School.

2 semanas de inmersión en inglés jurídico, derecho estadounidense, arbitraje internacional y litigios transnacionales desde la perspectiva de Estados Unidos

Nuestro programa intensivo de 2 semanas “ADVANCED Intensive Training in Legal English, U.S. Law, International Arbitration & Transnational Litigation,” está especialmente diseñado para Abogados y estudiantes de Derecho interesados en adquirir las habilidades y destrezas en inglés legal requeridas en el campo profesional y académico.

ADVANCED es Ideal para quienes deseen hacerse más competitivos de manera inmediata o que aspiran postularse a estudios de postgrado o pregrado en Estados Unidos.

ADVANCED combina herramientas esenciales de inglés jurídico avanzado con una introducción al sistema jurídico estadounidense, litigio transnacional y arbitraje internacional

ADVANCED se divide en dos módulos. El primero versa sobre Inglés Jurídico Avanzado (ALE, en Inglés) comprende una serie de técnicas y habilidades para la redacción jurídica en Inglés, herramientas de análisis jurídico, la terminología jurídica empleada en Estados Unidos y herramientas de investigación jurídica. El segundo módulo, dedicado a los Fundamentos de Derecho Transnacional (FTL, en inglés), comprende una introducción al Derecho estadounidense, además de conocimientos básicos sobre arbitraje internacional y litigio transnacional desde la perspectiva de los Estados Unidos.

ADVANCED se imparte dos veces al año en nuestra Faculta de Derecho de FIU.

Program Schedule

2-week course (80 hours, approx.) Mon-Fri 9:00 AM-12:30PM/ 2:00PM-6:30PM.

Day 1: 
Introduction and Fundamental Aspects of United States Law 
(9:00 AM-12:30PM)

  • Introduction to American Law
  • Fundamental institutions
  • The Judicial branch and the role of the judges
  • The United States judiciary, structure, and guiding principles
  • Distinctive features of the American legal system. The doctrine of precedent (stare decisis)

American Legal Vocabulary (Legalese). 
(2:00 PM-6:30 PM)

  • Foundation of American Law, bilingual legalism, American legal vocabulary and scientific terminology (legalese)
  • Sources of American Law
  • Principles and techniques for effective legal writing in English

Day 2:
Introduction to US Constitutional Law 
(9:00 AM-12:30PM)

  • Principles of Constitutional Law in the United States
  • Judicial Review in the United States
  • Leading cases of the US Supreme Court

American Legal Writing I 
(2:00 PM-6:30 PM)

  • Principles for legal drafting
  • Principles for document design
  • Persuasive writing

Day 3:
Introduction to US Contract Law 
(9:00 AM-12:30PM)

  • Basic principles of contract law in the U.S.
  • Conclusion, execution and interpretation of contracts
  • International transactions and contracts from the U.S. perspective

Cont’d. American Legal Writing II 
(2:00 PM-6:30 PM).

  • Legal Drafting
  • Persuasive writing

Day 4:
Introduction to Torts in the United States, and legal remedies for International Torts
(9:00 AM-12:30PM)

  • Overview and definition of Torts in United States law. Intentional Torts
  • Negligence
  • Strict Liability and Product Liability
  • Other torts (Harm to economic/dignitary interest)

Cont’d. American Legal Writing III 
(2:00 PM-6:30 PM)

  • Basic principles of American Contract Law and its terminology
  • Practicum: Plain and effective drafting of contracts. Practicum. Legal Drafting

Day 5:
Civil litigation in United States courts
(9:00 AM-12:30PM)

  • The United States judiciary; structure, and guiding principles
  • The domestic and transnational dimension of civil litigation in the United States
  • Fundamental aspects of transnational litigation in United States courts
  • The hurdles of service of process on a defendant located abroad from the standpoint of the United States
  • Practical aspects involving service of process under The Hague Service Convention and United States law

Basic Legal Research 
(2:00 PM-6:30 PM).

  • Legal data bases, electronic and digital tools for legal research in the U.S.

Legal research in the U.S. Legal citation and references

  • Practicum: Briefing a case, the interpretation of statutes, and the common law method

Day 6:
International and Complex Litigation in the U.S: 
(9:00 AM-12:30PM)

  • Principles of international and cross-border dispute resolution
  • Complex litigation. Class actions. Multiple jurisdiction, coordination and consolidation

Legal Terminology in Civil Procedure 
(2:00 PM-6:30 PM).

  • Fundamentals of the American adversarial system
  • Civil procedure and its legal terminology in the U.S.
  • The preparation and conduct of a civil trial

Day 7:
Cont’d. International and Complex Litigation in the U.S: 
(9:00 AM-12:30PM)

  • Practical analysis on foreign plaintiff/U.S. defendant cases, choice of forum and the doctrine of forum non conveniens
  • International judicial cooperation for evidence-taking and to enforce judgements
  • Practicum: Drafting and filing a §1782 application before a U.S. federal court for use in a foreign o international tribunal. A legitimate evidence-taking tool for international lawyers
  • Third party funding in civil litigation

Legal Terminology in Criminal Procedure 
(2:00 PM-6:30 PM).

  • Criminal procedure in the US.
  • Legal terminology, arraignment, bail, plea bargaining, indictment

Day 8:
International Commercial Arbitration from the U.S. perspective 
(9:00 AM-12:30PM)

  • Basic principles of international commercial arbitration
  • Legal framework for international and domestic arbitration
  • Arbitration agreements: formation, validity and enforceability

Legal Terminology in International Arbitration I 
(2:00 PM-6:30 PM).

  • Practicum: Drafting an effective arbitration agreement
  • Practicum: Drafting a request for arbitration

Day 9:
Cont’d. International Commercial Arbitration from the U.S. perspective 
(9:00 AM-12:30PM)

  • Parties and their representation
  • Arbitrators Conflicts of interest. Independency, impartiality, and other issues
  • Arbitral institutions
  • Procedural issues
  • Interim measures
  • Judicial cooperation
  • Taking of Evidence.
  • International Awards: recognition, enforcement and annulment

Cont’d. Legal Terminology in International Arbitration II 
(2:00 PM-6:30 PM)

  • Practicum: Drafting a motion to compel arbitration agreements before a federal judge in the U.S.
  • Practicum: Drafting a motion seeking injunctive relief before arbitral panels

Day 10:
Treaty-Based Investment Arbitration   
(9:00 AM-12:30PM)

  • Basic principles of investment arbitration
  • Legal framework for international investment protection
  • Procedural issues in investment arbitration

Cont’d. Legal Terminology in International Arbitration III 
(2:00 PM-6:30 PM).

  • Practicum: Drafting a trigger-dispute letter based in a Bilateral Investment Treaty
  • Practicum: Drafting a Request for Arbitration (before ICSID)

Admission, Tuition & Other Information

  • Admission: Registrants with an intermediate level of English equivalent to a minimum of 70 points on the IBT (Internet Based TOEFL), 530 PBT (Paper based TOEFL) or 6.5 IELTS will be admitted. Other participants may be admitted if, upon assessment, their level of proficiency in English meets the minimum requirements
  • Course Objective: To improve legal English skills + knowledge on fundamental legal subject matters from the U.S perspective.
  • Placement: FIU College of Law.
  • Duration and schedule: 2-week course (80 hours, approx.) Mon-Fri 9:00 AM-12:30PM/ 2:00PM-6:30PM.
  • Dates: July 30–Aug. 10 and Dec. 10-21, 2018.
  • Tuition: $ 2,350 (foreign-trained lawyers) and $ 1,950 full-time law students (from outside of the U.S.).
  • U.S. Visa: Participants are allowed to register in this non-degree course by holding a B1/B2 U.S. Visa (Visa for tourism.) This advanced legal course does not require Visa F1. (Student Visa). For those applying for or renewing a U.S Visa B1/B2, the FIU College of Law will issue a letter to certify their registration in the course.
  • Diploma: after satisfactory completion of this non-degree course, students will receive a Diploma issued by the FIU College of Law.

Academic Coordination

Prof. Gilberto A. Guerrero-Rocca
(JSM, Stanford Law School. WDA Legal.
International Legal Program Manager, FIU College of Law).

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