Moot Court Board of Appellate Advocacy

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FIU Law’s Moot Court (Appellate Advocacy) Program emphasizes the development of brief-writing and oral-advocacy through state, regional, national, and international competitions against other law students from across the nation and around the world.

During the fall of their second or third year, FIU Law Students compete in an intramural moot court competition based on a real world problem developed by the Moot Court Executive Board for a chance to compete on the national and international Moot Court travel team. Local attorneys and judges evaluate the intramural competitors in a round robin and bracket styled competition that culminates in a championship round before a panel of state and federal judges.

As a member of the national and international travel team, each student develops their brief-writing and oral-advocacy skills through competitions that require students to submit an appellate brief and then argue in front a panel of attorneys and state or federal judges from across the country.

2017-2018 Moot Court Executive Board
Co-Presidents: Sam Basch & Ana Cuello
Intramural Competition Chairperson: Sarah Renfer
Public Relations Officer: Christina Childers
Faculty Advisor: Ila Klion

Team Members: Sixsy Alfonso, Sebastian Bohorquez, Daniel Fors, Yosef Kudan,
Anigladys Mesa, Gabriel Miranda, Vincent Alex Nunchunk, Caitlan Palmer, Jocelyn Ramos,
Diana Rafael, Tahimi Rengifo, Magbis Sanchez, Dane Stuhlsatz, Yunet Soto, Stephanie Zinni

  • Eligibility: Students must be FIU Law students in good standing (not on academic probation) and either 2L full-time students or 3L part-time students. Completion of LSV I and LSV II is also a prerequisite.
  • Try Outs/Intramural Competition: To be eligible for the Moot Court team, students must take a two-credit pass/fail course called “Appellate Procedure” in the fall of their 2L year (or 3L year for part-time students). This accelerated course, beginning in August and concluding in mid-October, teaches students advanced brief writing and oral advocacy skills as they prepare to file an appellate brief and deliver oral arguments during the intramural competition. From late October through early November, students compete in a round robin and bracket style intramural competition that culminates in a championship round of oral arguments before a panel of appellate judges. The Moot Court Board will select the incoming class based on the students’ performances in the intramural competition.
  • For any questions about the FIU Law Moot Court Team, please contact Co-Presidents Sam Basch at or Ana Cuello at