3L, Garrett Huson, published in Georgetown Law Technology Review

3L, Garrett Huson, will publish paper  “I, Copyright” in the Georgetown Law Technology Review in Fall 2017. The abstract for the paper reads:

“Today’s technology has taken Artificial Intelligence (AI) from being an invention of science fiction to a cornerstone of our modern, daily lives. With the creation of machines that have the potential do almost anything that a human can do, people will be left with only one way to distinguish themselves from these intelligent machines: the arts. But, what happens when an AI creates art? This article will address the potential authorship rights and copyright protections that could be afforded to an AI, should it create an original work. Furthermore, this article will explore the concept of “human rights”, the origins of copyright rights, and the rights of authorship. Moreover, it will consider three possible answers to the above question: (1) the AI can have protections under copyright law; (2) the creator of the program has the copyright or (3) no one gains protections to the works created by the AI, and conclude by determining that any original work created by an AI should automatically pass into the public domain.”

A link to the journal can be found here: https://www.georgetownlawtechreview.org/