3 FIU Law Students Travel to Chicago to Plan the National Black Law Student’s 48th Annual Convention


Jeremy Thompson (4L), Reginald Guillaume (2L), and Chanelle Artiles (2L) traveled to Chicago to attend a board meeting on February 21, 2016, that was instrumental in planning the upcoming the National Black Law Student Association’s (“NBLSA”) 48th Annual Convention. The Annual Convention will be held in ​Baltimore, Maryland on March 9​-13, 2016​. At the board meeting, Jeremy, Reginald, and Chanelle discussed various moot court, negotiations, and trial team competitions. They also discussed the Career Fair and the approval of budget items. Additionally, they coordinated schedules and availability with the other board member​s ​to ensure coverage for the Annual Convention’s discussion panels, registration desks, and for the roles needed in the competitions such as bailiffs and reporters.

Chanelle thoroughly enjoyed the experience and shared with FIU Law:

“Traveling to other cities and representing FIU on the Board of a prominent national organization such as NBLSA is something I especially love to do. This leadership role has given me the opportunity to be part of a widespread effort designed to provide resources for other law students. I love that we are doing something that is made to benefit law students across the country while we are still law students ourselves. Flying to Chicago was a great learning experience because it allowed us to participate in a non-profit organization’s board meeting, witness the formalities involved, and get a real feel for how the organizations many of us are members of conduct business behind the scenes.”

​Jeremy, Reginald, and Chanelle’s roles in the upcoming Annual Convention involves facilitating the Career Fair. Jeremy is the Director of Education and Career Development for NBLSA. Chanelle and Reginald, also National Board members, assist Jeremy with ensuring NBLSA members are kept up to date on upcoming scholarship, fellowship, clerkship, and employment opportunities. With the help of the National Board, this year’s Career Fair will feature appearances from the corporate counsel offices of Microsoft, Apple, and Google.

This year, Jeremy along with his Education Committee, were in charge of the annual NBLSA Scholarships. The scholarship recipients will receive their awards during the Annual Convention’s awards dinner and gala. Creating the scholarship opportunities entailed developing essay topics and qualification criteria, creating grading rubrics, and finding independent graders to ensure fairness in the selection process. Jeremy, Reginald, and Chanelle are excited to provide this year’s scholarship recipients with their awards and are proud to have played such an integral role in helping other law students.

The​ ​NBLSA Annual National Convention​ ​is an opportunity for the members of Black Law Student Association (“BLSA”) chapters across the nation to meet, interact, and participate in competitions and workshops. The members are encouraged to attend the numerous discussion panels held where experts discuss recent legal developments and issues that are at the forefront of the legal industry.

image2NBLSA’s National Convention provides invaluable learning and​ ​networking opportunities.​ ​

Beaming with Golden Panther pride, Reginald recognizes how attending such events can increase FIU’s national presence while making an immensely positive impact for law students on a national level.

Reginald explained:

“It is with a great since of pride that we participated in the meeting because we knew that our work would impact a number of law school students across the nation. Moving forward, I realized that participating in organizations such as this one allows us to carry the name of FIU and increase our national presence outside the State of Florida. I’m looking forward to great things to take place at convention this year.”