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The Iberoamerican Association of Law Schools (SUI IURIS) approved unanimously the accession of FIU Law as permanent member during its XII Annual Meeting held on May 19, 2021. The Office International and Graduate Studies  of our Law School was responsible to lead this effort to fruition and will continue to serve as FIU Law’s point office with the organization. As a result, FIU Law is the only ABA-approved law school to join this 30-member organization formed by the most prominent law schools from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Spain, Peru, Portugal, Uruguay and Venezuela.  SUI IURIS offers a strong support network for academic collaborations, including law journals, visits and exchanges of professors and researchers, continuing legal education and other educational opportunities for students and faculty.

Prior to becoming a permanent member, FIU Law held observer status at the organization for three years. This important milestone is the latest demonstration of FIU Law’s successful strategy toward expanding its international reach and strengthening its presence throughout Latin America and Europe.

This was the first time that FIU LAW attended its Annual Summit as a Permanent Member (Brazil, Aug 2022).