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Brian Abramson ’05, a national expert in vaccine law, recently published “Do U.S. teens have the right to be vaccinated against their parents’ will? It depends on where they live” in Fast Company. Building on his previous work in the area, the article explores the varied landscape of state vaccination laws as they apply to minors. He also has authored a leading treatise on vaccine law.

This summer, FIU Law offered a one-of-a-kind course in vaccine law taught by Abramson through FIU in Washington, D.C., the University’s strategic hub in the nation’s capital. The vaccine law course marked FIU Law’s most recent collaboration with FIU in D.C., which hosts an annual “fly-in” immersion week for FIU Law students during spring break and facilitates professional development and career advancement opportunities for students and alumni interested in the Washington, D.C. market.

“As the University’s platform in Washington, we couldn’t be more thrilled to facilitate connecting our D.C.-based faculty and alumni experts with current students,” said Eric Feldman, Associate Director of FIU in D.C. “Professor Abramson’s vaccine law course is a prime example of how timely, real-world course content can emanate from the city where policy decisions are influenced and made.”

FIU Law next plans to offer the vaccine law course in Summer ’22, again in partnership with FIU in D.C.