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FIU Law will be hosting an HBCU Conference on February 22, 2021. From holding elective office and establishing formal legal frameworks to shaping more broadly the fabric of our national moral identity, lawyers have long had an outsized influence on American society. Yet the legal profession remains one of our least diverse. While thirteen percent of Americans self-identify as Black or African American, just five percent of U.S. lawyers are Black or African-American. Law schools must assume a primary role in addressing this historic underrepresentation and in improving access to the legal profession.

FIU Law’s HBCU Conference presents an opportunity for prospective law students to engage with leaders from Miami’s only public law school and to discuss effective strategies for creating a more diverse and representative legal profession.

Topics of discussion will include how to support Black law students’ academic and professional development, fostering diverse and inclusive communities in law schools and law firms, and improving opportunities for hiring, retaining, and supporting Black lawyers early in their careers.

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