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Greetings FIU Law!

Please join us in congratulating FIU Law Review on the publication of FIU Law Review Volume 14, Number 1 (2020), based on the Symposium: Eleventh Annual Remedies Discussion Forum—Université Paris Dauphine PSL Research University (Paris, France, 2019).

The scholarly works can now be read online through FIU Law Review’s digital edition:

  1. Russell L. Weaver, Introduction: Remedies Discussion Forum, 14 FIU L. Rev. 1 (2020), doi:
  1. Margaret Allars,Private Law Remedies and Public Law Standards: An Awkward Statutory Intrusion into Tort Liability of Public Authorities, 14 FIU L. Rev. 5 (2020), doi:
  1. Elise Bant & Jeannie M. Paterson, Evolution and Revolution: The Remedial Smorgasbord for Misleading Conduct in Australia, 14 FIU L. Rev. 25 (2020),
  1. Sirko Harder, Negotiating Damages in English Contract Law, 14 FIU L. Rev. 45 (2020), doi:
  1. John D. McCamus, Restitutionary Remedies in Three-Party Cases: A Comparative Perspective, 14 FIU L. Rev. 65 (2020), doi:
  1. Anthony Sebok, Going Bare in the Law of Assignments: When is an Assignment Champertous?, 14 FIU L. Rev. 85 (2020), doi:
  1. Russell L. Weaver, Nationwide Injunctions, 14 FIU L. Rev. 103 (2020), doi:
  1. Alan Persaud, Just A Minute, Isn’t That De Minimis: California Should Not Burden or Require National Employers to Compensate Employees for De Minimis Off-the-Clock Work Activities, 14 FIU L. Rev. 121 (2020), doi:
  1. Katryna Santa Cruz, The Distraction that Is Stand Your Ground, 14 FIU L. Rev. 149 (2020), doi:

The FIU Law Library – Digital Initiatives Center is proud to publisher of FIU Law Review’s digital edition.

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