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Congratulations to the FIU Law Review on the publication of FIU Law Review Volume 13, Number 6 (2019), based on the 70th Anniversary Celebration Symposium: The Role and Contributions of the ILC to the Development of International Law!

The scholarly works can now be read online through FIU Law Review’s digital edition:

  1. Charles C. Jalloh, Introduction: The Role and Contributions of the International Law Commission to the Development of International Law, a Symposium Celebrating the 70th Anniversary of the ILC, 13 FIU L. Rev. 975 (2019),
  2. Danae Azaria, The International Law Commission’s Return to the Law of Sources of International Law, 13 FIU L. Rev. 989 (2019),
  3. Elena Baylis, The International Law Commission’s Soft Law Influence, 13 FIU L. Rev. 1007 (2019),
  4. Patrícia Galvão Teles, The ILC’s Past Practice on Progressive Development and Codification of International Law—An Empirical Analysis Focusing on the Law of the Sea, Law of Treaties and State Responsibility, 13 FIU L. Rev. 1027 (2019),
  5. Michael Imran Kanu, 70 Years of the International Law Commission, Its Future Role in the Changing Landscape of International Law and the Small-Developing States Nexus, 13 FIU L. Rev. 1043 (2019),
  6. Jeffrey S. Morton, Reflections on the International Law Commission and Its Role in World Affairs, 13 FIU L. Rev. 1065 (2019),
  7. Nilüfer Oral, The International Law Commission and the Progressive Development and Codification of Principles of International Environmental Law, 13 FIU L. Rev. 1075 (2019),
  8. Arnold N. Pronto, Codification and Progressive Development of International Law: A Legislative History of Article 13(1)(a) of the Charter of the United Nations, 13 FIU L. Rev. 1101 (2019),
  9. Pavel Šturma, The International Law Commission Between Codification, Progressive Development, or a Search for a New Role, 13 FIU L. Rev. 1125 (2019),
  10. Dire Tladi, Codification, Progressive Development, New Law, Doctrine, and the Work of the International Law Commission on Peremptory Norms of General International Law (Jus Cogens): Personal Reflections of the Special Rapporteur, 13 FIU L. Rev. 1137 (2019),
  11. Siegfried Wiessner & Christian Lee González, The ILC at Its 70th Anniversary: Its Role in International Law and Its Impact on U.S. Jurisprudence, 13 FIU L. Rev. 1151 (2019),
  12. Jason Anon, Still “Snowing” in the Sunshine State: An Analysis of and Potential Solutions to the Lack of Protection from Employer Retaliation for Florida Lawyers Who Adhere to the State’s Mandatory Reporting of Professional Misconduct Rule, 13 FIU L. Rev. 1175 (2019),
  13. Andrew W. Balthazor, The Challenges of Cryptocurrency Asset Recovery, 13 FIU L. Rev. 1207 (2019),

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