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The following enhancements are for both Westlaw and Westlaw Edge

WestCheck Reports can be saved to Westlaw Folders

Drafting Assistant now connects directly to your Westlaw account and allows you to save WestCheck reports and results to Folders in Westlaw. Select the folder you want to save to:

Generate the Report and wait for the confirmation:

Log onto Westlaw to see the report:


Company Investigator Report – Exclusion of Specific Documents Functionality

  • Functionality being added to exclude specific documents from the summary list and full-text document sections of the Company Investigator Report

  • Specific documents can be excluded by clicking the X in the right column corresponding to the document in the Summary List
  • Documents can be re-included by clicking on the “Include” link at the top of the summary list section

  • Functionality to exclude documents will also be available from the Full-Text Document sections of the Report
  • Included/Excluded documents in the Summary List and Full-Text Document sections will stay in synch

Westlaw Public Records Enhancement Search option for Last 10 Years added to Filing Date drop down on Adverse Information Public Records templates

Business Law Center – Dual Search Available

Search Results

Navigate Parent, Child or All results. Navigate within family documents

The following enhancements are for Westlaw Edge Only

Overruling Risk – Option to deliver highlighted paragraph in dual column format

Drag & Drop functionality has been added to Westlaw Edge

Using your cursor, select a blue hyperlinked document and “drag” it toward the folders link at the top of the screen. The folders widget will open, allowing the user to “drop” the document into the desired folder.  Up to five most recently used folders will appear as drop options.

Search Term Emphasis in Westlaw Edge

New Search Tips Guide on Westlaw Edge

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