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FIU Law Library’s Digital Initiatives Center is pleased to report the following scholarly impact achievements made by FIU Law in August 2019.

Digital Commons Network Impact

Our institutional repository, eCollections @ FIU Law Library and had 3669 full-text downloads and 4 new submission was posted, bringing the total works to 1968Florida International University College of Law scholarship was read by 490 institutions across 121 countries. Here are the details:

The most popular papers were:

Thomas E. Baker The Impropriety of Expert Witness Testimony on the Law (164 downloads)

A Compendium of Clever and Amusing Law Review Writings — An Idiosyncratic Bibliography of Miscellany with In Kind Annotations Intended as a Humorous Diversion for the Gentle Reader (87 downloads)

 Scott F. Norberg Contract Claims and the Willful and Malicious Injury Exception to the Discharge in Bankruptcy (87 downloads)

The most popular publications were:

Faculty Publications (2086 downloads)

FIU Law Review (1331 downloads)

Caribbean Law and Jurisprudence (85 downloads)

SelectedWorks Suite of profile pages and Expert Gallery Impact

FIU College of Law scholarship had 3482 full-text downloads through our SelectedWorks Suite5 new submission were posted, bringing the total works to 792427 institutions read it across 116 countries. Here are the details:

The most popular papers were:

Howard M Wasserman Moral Panics and Body Cameras – 468 downloads

Thomas E. Baker The Impropriety of Expert Witness Testimony on the Law – 164 downloads

Jerry W. Markham Manipulation of Commodity Futures Prices-The Unprosecutable Crime – 160 downloads

Social Science Research Network (SSRN) Impact

As part of the dual upload and scholarly impact process utilized by FIU Law Library’s Digital Initiatives Center, we are also increasing our scholarly impact in SSRN. Currently, 4731 subscribers receive our works through our FIU College of Law Legal Studies Research Paper Series. This month 102 visits to our Series enabled the Series to achieve 262 downloads. Here are the most downloaded works for August 2019 in SSRN:

Louis N. Schulze Using Science to Build Better Learners: One School’s Successful Efforts to Raise Its Bar Passage Rates in an Era of Decline – 37 downloads Abstract ID 2960192

Hannibal Travis Common Law and Statutory Remedies for Insider Trading in Cryptocurrencies – 8 downloads Abstract ID 3409518

Cyra Akila Choudhury Empowerment or Estrangement? Liberal Feminism’s Vision of the ‘Progress’ of Muslim Women – 7 downloads Abstract ID 1147768

Charles Chernor Jalloh Universal Criminal Jurisdiction – 7 downloads Abstract ID 3231970

HeinOnline Author Profiles and ScholarCheck Impact

Hein Scholar Check statistics for Hein Author Profiles for FIU Law reveal that FIU Law authors have been cited

244 times in cases, and

6598 times in articles, for a total of

6842 citations.