Bloomberg Law’s free 30-minute live webinars for guidance on drafting contracts, researching companies, digging into a transactional deal, and navigating company filings on EDGAR.

All webinars start at 2 p.m. Eastern, 11 p.m. Pacific.

  • Tuesday, September 17 – Transactional Practical Guidance You’re familiar with the contract, but are you familiar with the deal? Transactional Practical Guidance will walk you step by step through the most common types of transactional tasks. Join this webinar to understand how it works.
  • Tuesday, September 19 – Precedent Documents & Clauses What does a real contract actually look like? Find out by digging into Bloomberg Law’s Precedent Database, which contains over a million actual contracts and many millions of actual clauses.
  • Tuesday, September 24 – Company Profiles You know how to research the law, but do you know how to research the parties? This webinar will show you how to investigate corporate clients ‒ who runs the company; how much money they make, lose, and borrow; who owns them and what companies they own; and so much more.
  • Thursday, September 26 – Researching Company Filings with EDGAR Strap in for a deep dive into the best way to research public corporations. They’re the biggest plaintiffs and defendants, and they strike the biggest deals. Whether they’re your clients or your opponents, you need to know everything about them to win.

If you have a schedule conflict, you can still benefit from the content. All webinars are recorded so you can watch at your convenience. Check out the entire fall webinar schedule and the library of recordings using your Bloomberg Law username and password.

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