From the publisher: The Dictionary of Mexican Law, by Julio Romañach, Jr.  contains definitions covering a broad spectrum of Mexican law including — civil and commercial law, reflected not only in the federal and representative state civil codes, but also in significant codes and statutes embodying federal commercial law, such as the commercial code, the general law of negotiable instruments and credit transactions, contract of insurance law, maritime navigation and commerce law, general law of commercial companies and other statutes, family law, torts, corporate law, procedural law (including the recently enacted federal class action law),  constitutional law, and criminal law among others.

While the legal terms included in the Dictionary of Mexican Law are set forth in the original Spanish, all definitions of these terms are written in the English language. Most definitions are derived from and cite to primary sources.  The definitions provide an exposition of the meaning of a particular term or phrase in Mexican law, with legislative context in many instances.

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