Wolters Kluwer Online Study Aid Library – Boost Deck on SpacedRepetition.com, is a 600+ flashcard custom deck made by law professors especially for SpacedRepetition.com that covers the most-tested multistate bar exam topics. Students can create their own content and have the ability to create and share custom cards, and use cards created by others. FIU Law Library has invested in this tool to help law students learn, just create an account on SpacedRepetition.com:


To create your account:

1. Click on the link for Spaced Repetition

2. Click on “Subscribed School Membership.”

3. Enter your information to create your account with your @fiu.edu email address.

Be sure to use your law school email as your address (the system has been programmed to recognize that email and not put up a paywall for FIU Law users).

To access Spaced Repetition please click here.