From the back cover: Title: HISTORIA DEL DERECHO CIVIL PERUANO Siglos XIX y XX, translates in English to “HISTORY OF PERUVIAN CIVCIL RIGHTS LAW OF THE XIX AND XX CENTURIES” by Carlos Ramos is truly a singular and admirable enterprise for it breathe and richness. He reconstructs issues from the very roots of contemporary societies: the value of judicial decisions and also the delicate play between raw power and the law through Peruvian history. This taxing endeavor he complements with a singular attention towards vital manifestations of judicial culture: such as the life and stiles of the lawyers, the ambiance of their offices, public opinion, the large-than-life characters of national politics or judicial press. Scholarly but also wise, complex but entertaining this work by Mister Ramos will have, without a doubt, numerous readers in the American continent but in Europe as well.

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