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Professor Charles C. Jalloh, along with Professors Kamari Clarke (UCLA) and Vincent Nmehielle (Witswatersrand), have co-edited a new book with Cambridge University Press. The book offers the first comprehensive assessment of the African Court of Justice and Human and Peoples Rights. It was the outcome of funded interdisciplinary research that brought together 40 leading scholars and experts from around the world for three conferences on three continents over the course of three years. The book has been reviewed as “the authoritative study on the new African Court, one of the most creative and innovative international judicial institutions” (Prof. William Schabas, Middlesex University) and “the most helpful one-stop shop for all those interested in this fascinating development in international law” (Prof. Dapo Akande, Oxford University). It is available in full open access as a single PDF or can be downloaded chapter by chapter. FIU authors that contributed chapters include Professors Hannibal Travis and Jalloh.