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On May 11, 2019, 3L Malya “Molly” Brock received her commission as a second lieutenant in the Air Force. After the bar exam, Lieutenant Brock will serve on active-duty as an Air Force judge advocate. Lieutenant Brock participated in the Air Force Student Program, where she was a member of the University of Miami Air Force ROTC program while also continuing her legal studies at FIU Law. During the summer between her 2L and 3L years, she participated in a lengthy Air Force training event.

“Molly worked really hard to earn her commission,” said Prof. Eric Carpenter, a retired Army JAG. “In addition to serving as a member of the law review and dealing with the rest of law school, she routinely went to the UM campus to learn how to be an Air Force officer. She should be proud of her accomplishment.”

Another recent FIU Law student, Lamorne Chang-Blissett, will also serve on active-duty in the Army JAG Corps. While in law school, she was a lieutenant in the Army National Guard and Army Reserve. She graduated in December, passed the bar in February, and is waiting for her orders.

Students who are interested in JAG careers should feel free to contact Prof. Carpenter.

From left to right: Prof. Eric Carpenter, Annasofia Roig, Andrew Balthazor, Molly Brock, Sarah Morgado, Adrian Karborani, Stephen Becker.