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FIU Law Review publishes Barnette at 75: The Past, Present, and Future of the Fixed Star in Our Constitutional Constellation, Vol. 13 Issue 4!

Based on the Symposium Barnette at 75, the scholarly works produced can now be read online through FIU Law Review’s digital edition:

Howard M. Wasserman, Introduction: Barnette at 75, 13 FIU L. Rev. 585 (2019).

Ronald K.L. Collins, Thoughts on Hayden C. Covington and the Paucity of Litigation Scholarship, 13 FIU L. Rev. 599 (2019),

Erica Goldberg, “Good Orthodoxy” and the Legacy of Barnette, 13 FIU L. Rev. 639 (2019),

Abner S. Greene, Barnette and Masterpiece Cakeshop, 13 FIU L. Rev. 667 (2019),

Paul Horwitz, A Close Reading of Barnette, in Honor of Vincent Blasi, 13 FIU L. Rev. 689 (2019),

Leslie Kendrick, A Fixed Star in Shifting Skies: Barnette and Civil Rights Law, 13 FIU L. Rev. 729 (2019),

Genevieve Lakier, Not Such a Fixed Star After All: West Virginia State Board of Education v. Barnette, and the Changing Meaning of the First Amendment Right Not to Speak, 13 FIU L. Rev. 741 (2019),

Aaron Saiger, Deconstitutionalizing Dewey, 13 FIU L. Rev. 765 (2019),

Steven D. Smith, “Fixed Star” or Twin Star?: The Ambiguity of Barnette, 13 FIU L. Rev. 801 (2019),

Keynote Address John Q. Barrett, Justice Jackson in The Jehovah’s Witnesses’ Cases, 13 FIU L. Rev. 827 (2019). Available at:

Commentary Joëlle A. Moreno et al, Post-Panel Commentary, 13 FIU L. Rev. 853 (2019). Available at:

Comments Annasofia A. Roig, No Way, Usa!: The Lack of a Repatriation Agreement with Cuba and Its Effects on U.S. Immigration Policies, 13 FIU L. Rev. 875 (2019). Available at:

Federica Vergani, Why Transgender Children Should Have the Right to Block their Own Puberty with Court Authorization, 13 FIU L. Rev. 903 (2019). Available at:

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