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Professor H. Scott Fingerhut has been named chair of the Continuing Legal Education (CLE) Committee of the Criminal Law Section of The Florida Bar.

As chair, Professor Fingerhut is responsible for the development, coordination, and presentation of all Section CLE offerings for 2018-2019.

“It is a high privilege indeed to serve Florida’s criminal justice community in this capacity,” Professor Fingerhut said.  “How we educate our bench and bar as to frontier thought and practice in our criminal justice system says a great deal about how we value life and liberty, and our shared notions of due process and fair play in the adjudication of our disputes.”

As a past chair of the Criminal Law Section, Professor Fingerhut also serves on the Section’s Executive Council.

The Bar’s Criminal Law Section has over 2,400 members and is Florida’s only organization for state and federal trial and appellate criminal justice lawyers, judges, and academics, united in their shared goal of providing a just and efficient criminal justice system.

Professor Fingerhut serves as Assistant Director of the FIU Law Trial Advocacy Program.  He teaches Trial Advocacy, Pretrial Practice, and Criminal Procedure.

Contact Professor Fingerhut here, or by calling 305-348-8095.