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Over the past week, Professor Charles C. Jalloh was an invited speaker in three separate events at the International Criminal Court’s 16th Assembly of States Parties at the United Nations in New York. First, he spoke on the cutting-edge idea of regional criminal courts for prosecution of serious crimes for a panel “Weaving the Strands of Justice: Domestic, Regional, Hybrid and ICC Justice” convened by the Wayamo Foundation and Africa Group for Justice and Accountability on December 7, 2017.

On December 11, 2017, Professor Jalloh was a panelist on the topic “Progress in Drafting a Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of Crimes Against Humanity” for a side event at the UN sponsored by Chile, Germany, Jordan, South Korea and Sierra Leone and supported by the Whitney Harris World Law Institute, Washington University of St. Louis. This event reviewed the first draft of the unprecedented International Law Commission crimes against humanity convention and assessed areas where it could potentially be improved.

That same evening, Professor Jalloh also moderated and spoke on “The International Criminal Court and Africa” panel at the Church Center of the UN. The event was jointly organized by the Center for International Law and Policy in Africa (CILPA), CLEEN Foundation and the Coalition for the International Criminal Court. It was sponsored by the Planethood Foundation and supported by Oxford University Press. The second part of the same 2-hour event showcased the latest book on the ICC and Africa for which Professor Jalloh was lead editor.

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