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The FIU Law Review’s Environmental Federalism in the Trump Era: Rescuing the Environment, Resources, and Climate Symposium, is being held on October 20, 2017. The Symposium will attract a large audience, including judges, attorneys, community members, and law students. Eight nationally renowned scholars will engage in a lively debate through several panels about environmental policy, natural resources protection, and climate change.

FIU Law Professor Kalyani Robbins is serving as the faculty symposium organizer and invited prominent law scholars to present at the symposium and to publish their articles in the Fall 2017 issue of the FIU Law Review.

The symposium will include three exciting panels. Professors Rebecca Bratspies, Tracy Hester, and Erin Ryan will discuss environmental policy. Professors Bret Birdsong and Jessica Owley will discuss natural resources protection. And Professors Brigham Daniels  will discuss climate change.

“The state of environmental, resource, and climate regulation is always a timely and important topic because both market actors and consumers rely on regulatory certainty to make informed decisions about these vitally important areas. The topic is especially important when a new administration comes in with plans to shake up the established order. FIU Law Review’s Symposium will explain the current state of environmental, resource, and climate regulation and shed some light on where it might be going in the near future,” stated FIU Law Review’s Editor-in-Chief Dane Stuhlsatz.

FIU Law Review organizes two symposia and publishes two symposium-based issues annually.

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