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The results from this year’s Judge Advocate Generals Corps (JAG) interviews are in, and FIU Law students and alums did exceptionally well.  Student Kelly Borders (’17) and alumnus Janessa Brito (’16) were selected for active-duty positions with the Air Force JAG Corps, and alumnus Yanina Caballero (’16) was selected for an active-duty position with the Army JAG Corps.  In addition, student Rachel Dolly (’17) and alumnus Jeremy Thompson (’16) were selected for positions in the Army JAG Reserves.

Last year, student Tucker Pryor (’18) was selected for the Air Force Student Program.  While in law school, he also completes requirements at the Air Force ROTC detachment at the University of Miami.  When he graduates, he will be an active-duty member of the Air Force JAG Corps.

Dean R. Alexander Acosta stated, “I couldn’t be prouder of our students and alumni, and I am excited to see them start their careers serving our country.”

The Air Force JAG Corps only accepted 48 applicants this year, and FIU Law was one of only seven schools with more than one acceptance.

“In the past three years, we have placed seven students into active-duty positions and three into the reserves,” said Professor Eric R. Carpenter, a retired Army judge advocate.  “That is extraordinary.  I expect that FIU Law has one of the highest, if not the highest, per capita placement rate of any school in the country.”

Carpenter continued, “I think our students do so well because the services recognize that our students are bright and driven, and many bring diversity to those organizations.  Plus, we have a program in place where students do the right internships, take the right classes, and prepare for the interviews in the right way.”