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Professor Eric R. Carpenter continues his analysis of the Bowe Bergdahl case in Prosecutors: Bergdahl to get fair trial despite Trump jabs, by Jonathan Drew writing for the Associated Press – The Big Story on February 6, 2017. The article addresses a February 1, 2017 filing by prosecutors alleging that Bergdahl will not be adversely affected by President Donald Trump’s statements regarding Bergdahl, including that he should be thrown from a plane. President Donald Trump criticized Bergdahl on several occasions.

Prof. Carpenter analyzed that potential jurors could still be influenced by President Trump’s statements. He further stated that:

“The prosecution is in a tough spot. These statements are really indefensible, and they have the job of defending them, . . . No one in the administration has disavowed those comments, so the comments still have life.”

The full article can be read and accessed at Prosecutors: Bergdahl to get fair trial despite Trump jabs.

Prof. Carpenter joined FIU Law in 2013. His research interests are in military justice, sexual violence against women, and capital litigation. To read Prof. Carpenter’s works, visit his Selected Works gallery.