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FIU Law joins FIU President Mark Rosenberg in honoring Senior Administrative Assistant Zoraya Ledesma with a Presidential Salute. Zoraya joined FIU Law in 2004 and has served our Clinical, Externship, Pro Bono, and Trial Advocacy Programs.

Watch Zoraya accept this honor and demonstrate her dedication to FIU Law.


Full text of the Presidential Salute:

Please join me in recognizing Zoraya Ledesma for her admirable dedication and commitment to delivering excellent service to the FIU community. On August 8, 2004, Zoraya began her FIU journey as an Administrative Assistant for the College of Law, Clinical Programs. Most recently, she was promoted to Senior Administrative Assistant for Clinical, Externship, Pro Bono and Trial Advocacy Programs.

Zoraya’s “heart, professionalism, intellect, compassion, and superior work ethic” are just a few of the qualities that set her apart from the rest, making her nomination a clear choice for Michelle Mason, Senior Associate Dean for Clinical Education, Experiential Learning & Engagement for the College of Law. When asked about Zoraya’s dedication, Michelle expressed that her “contributions are vitally integral to the Clinical Programs’ success. Her unfailing competence serves as the administrative backbone, allowing each program director to be able to focus without distraction on continuing to provide a learning environment that is nurturing, supportive, and academically rigorous.” Michelle also shared that “it is no exaggeration to state that in any given week Zoraya assists hundreds of people – clients, students, faculty, administration, and community partners. She does so with great ability, aplomb and empathy. Zoraya truly is a role model for us all.”

Meet Zoraya and you will clearly see her exemplary passion for our great University. We are proud and grateful to have her as part of the FIU Worlds Ahead family!