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The FIU Law Review’s Separation of Powers Symposium, held on March 11, 2016, attracted a large audience, including judges, attorneys, community members, and law students. Eight nationally renowned scholars engaged in a lively debate about vertical and horizontal separation of powers.

FIU Law Professor Elizabeth Price Foley served as the faculty symposium organizer and invited prominent constitutional law scholars to present their articles at the symposium and to publish their articles in the Spring 2016 issue of the FIU Law Review.

Professor David Bernstein delivered the keynote address. Professors Ronald Rotunda, Lee Strang, and Brannon Denning discussed vertical separation of powers, and Professors Jonathan Adler, Michael Ramsey, Josh Blackman, and former Executive Director of the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity, Jesse Panuccio, discussed horizontal separation of powers.

“Separation of powers is a timely topic in light of the upcoming presidential election. These constitutional law experts addressed pressing issues related to the Affordable Care Act, the Clean Air Act, the Iran Nuclear Deal, the King v. Burwell decision, and international agreements. We are proud to have provided a forum for this legal discussion,” stated FIU Law Review’s Editor-in-Chief Dominique Pando Bucci.

FIU Law Review organizes two symposia and publishes two symposium-based issues annually. Visit to view a recording of the symposium and to read the Review’s issues online.

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