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Professor Thomas E. Baker was quoted in The National Law Journal’s discussing public appearances by Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr. The article can be found by clicking here.

Except can be found below:

Florida International University College of Law professor Thomas Baker, who served as administrative assistant to Chief Justice William Rehnquist in 1987, said a chief justice has an ′′important role′′ to play as spokesman for the third branch of government. But the chief, he said, also has other duties under more than 60 statutes, including serving as chancellor of the Smithsonian Institution.

′′Being chief justice and wearing all those different hats besides the robe makes for a busy, busy work week,′′ Baker said. ′′So I am not critical of him. Maybe the comparison is not that Roberts is making too few appearances. Maybe you should be wondering if some other justices are making too many.′′