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Professor David Walter recently gave a presentation to LL.M. and B.A. law students at the Tara Shevchenko University of Kyiv in Kiev, Ukraine, via video teleconference. Tara Shevchenko is considered the leading law school in the Ukraine.

The presentation focused on effective negotiation approaches and tactics in transactional negotiation and litigation-based negotiation and mediation. During the presentation, Professor Walter contrasted adversarial negotiation approaches with interest-based, problem solving approaches, specifically addressing the topics of offers and persuasive techniques and discussing the gamut, from opening offers, to concession points, to the bottom line and BATNA.

“It was a pleasure speaking with the Ukranian law students,” said Professor Walter, noting that “while the topic of negotiation and mediation was new for many students, there were also several who have a significant understanding about negotiation and mediation, even though the topic is not taught in their law school.” LL.M. student Kvitolslava Krotiuk commented that the presentation was very useful in that Professor Walter provided much “advice and useful examples that we can refer to when we practice in the future – learning from professionals like him is motivating and inspiring.” Second-year law student Juliia Kril observed that, to her, this is “a totally new approach to negotiations, more qualified and hopefully more effective.”

Professor Walter is Co-Director of the Legal Skills & Values Program and coaches multiple FIU Law moot court, negotiation, and mediation teams.

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