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Professor Thomas E. Baker has completed work on the digital and print republication of Walter F. Murphy’s enduring study Congress and the Court. Professor Baker researched and wrote a new substantive Foreword to this classic book, which has become part of the canon of political science and constitutional law. The 1962 book was a case study in the separation of powers and the relationship between the Supreme Court and the Congress. The publisher, Quid Pro Quo Books, exists to retrieve and preserve important scholarly works which have gone out of print.
“I was pleased and proud of my work to bring back this important book. The press makes the book available in paperback and as an ebook in all the leading formats including Kindle and Nook so it will reach new readers,” Baker said.
The book is available here :
Paperback/QP eStore
Nook/Barnes & Noble
Google Play
The book is also available at Apple iBooks,  iTunes and in ePUB at Smashwords. For additional links and information click here.