Indie Filmmaker Offers Humorous Take on Recession
Weil, bottom left, and crew during the filming of a scene from “Taste It.”

Zachary Weil ’09 was still a law student when he began writing the script for his movie “Taste It: A Comedy About the Recession.” Scheduled for an online release this April, the Miami-based film has already garnered a buzz, earning an “Award of Merit” in July 2012 at The Indie Fest, an international awards competition for independent filmmakers worldwide. Weil himself was recently interviewed by GQ Magazine Australia for an article about comedy during the recession.

1. How does someone trained in law end up making an indie movie? What’s that all about?

I’d loved making movies since I was a little kid. I used to shoot them on my dad’s camcorder using my sisters and friends as actors.  After making some films in college, I worked briefly for a production company in New York. It wasn’t a great experience so I decided to go to law school to make sure I could pay the bills if a career in filmmaking didn’t work out. I ended up not being able to shake the film bug even during law school, and ended up writing what became “Taste It” while I was still a student.

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