Professor George Knox to Give Talk at S.T.E.P.P. Event

Professor George Knox will deliver a lecture at the next S.T.E.P.P. event on Friday, September 28, 2012. His talk, titled “The Thrill of Sharing: How the Power of Sharing Can Fulfill Your Life,” will begin at noon in Graham Center – 140 at the FIU Modesto A. Maidique Campus.

“The focus of my talk is that sharing is an inherent human trait; it comes naturally and is hard to resist. It makes us feel good, and it enriches us,” said Knox.

The event is part of the “Striving to Enhance Personal Performance” initiative designed by Florida International University to help employees excel personally and professionally. The initiative is designed to provide the tools and motivation that stimulate personal and professional growth and development.

As a force of social change, Mr. Knox’s career and personal endeavors have been marked by empathy, compassion and the gift of sharing to make an incredible difference in the lives of so many.

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