FIU Hosts the 2nd Annual Math and Civics Summer Institute

This summer in conjunction with the College of Education, FIU Law hosted the  2nd Annual Math and Civics Summer Institute for Liberty City 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders.

The Math & Civics Summer Institute is the result of the great response received by an FIU Law Forum held in 2011 entitled Quality Education as a Constitutional Right.

The Math & Civics Summer Institute aims to build a new national model for transforming disenfranchised young people into educational change agents in their communities. Using innovative techniques, the institute gets elementary students excited about learning mathematics and teaches them youth rhetorical and civic skills.

Thank you to the following FIU Law students and administrative staff who taught within and organized the program:

  • Tesha Allison
  • Alejandro Carrasco
  • Andrea Ferranti
  • Myriam Girado
  • Emilio Lorenzo
  • Desmond Meade
  • Sofia Mitchell
  • Virginie Plawecki-Illescas
  • Brianna Reid
  • Stefan Sinn
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