Professor Ediberto Román Quoted in the Miami Herald on Retroactivity

In the Miami Herald, FIU Law Professor Ediberto Román is quoted on whether retroactivity is applicable for defendants who say their lawyers did not warn them of the deportation risk of taking a plea deal.

Professor Román is a nationally-acclaimed scholar and an award-winning educator with broad teaching interests and an extensive scholarship portfolio. His principal research interest involves analyzing the construction and interpretation of constitutional law and immigration policy.  His work may be best described as traditional in its structure and use of authority, but critical in its perspective. Román’s research necessarily deals with the intersection of, on the one hand, citizenship law, immigration law, public international law, and constitutional law and, on the other hand, theoretical perspectives based on classic philosophy, neo-liberal theory, critical race theory, post-colonial studies, Diaspora literature, and social theory generally.

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