Alumni Q&A: Aston Wilson Jr., Criminal Defense Attorney & NFL Agent
Aston Wilson Jr. ’05 , JD ’11

Aston Wilson Jr., who received his Juris Doctor from the Florida International University College of Law in 2011, has opened his own law firm, Aston Wilson, P.A. Mr. Wilson also graduated from Florida International University with a B.A. in Political Science and as an Honor College graduate.

Wilson recently discussed his career path and what it’s like to be a sports agent and a criminal defense attorney.

Did you always want to be a sports agent? What about that career appealed to you?

I am actually a criminal defense attorney and an NFL Agent.  When I was young I participated in every sport, baseball, basketball and football.  I always knew I would be a lawyer but my first dream was to play a professional sport.  After playing football at FIU and attempting to play in the NFL I decided that I could become a lawyer and still be involved in sports by becoming an agent.

Most people think agent and they think “Show me the money!” but what appealed to me about becoming an agent was the ability to use my law degree and still be involved with sports.  My mother and father raised me on sports, I was basically born in a major league baseball park, I have just always loved sports.  As for law, I am not sure what the deciding factor was for me at eight years old, but I always wanted to go to law school.

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