Symposium Encourages the Idea that Professionalism Matters
Pictured above: Professor George Knox leads the participants through a series of exercises.

On Feb. 27, 2013, the FIU College of Law Center for Professionalism and Ethics, together with The Florida Bar Henry Latimer Center for Professionalism, hosted a symposium at the FIU College of Law titled Professionalism Matters.

At the event, led by George Knox, director of non-litigation advocacy programs within the Center for Professionalism and Ethics, and with contributions from various guest speakers, participants explored the fundamental ideals and values that underlie the meaning of professionalism. The event was ultimately designed to provide the tools and motivation that stimulate personal and professional growth and development.

With a series of panel discussions, participants were invited to share their ideas regarding the pursuit and practice of professionalism in the legal profession. Subsequent discussions considered wellness and how incorporating mindfulness techniques can decrease levels of stress, increase productivity and improve mental health.

“We are pleased to host events such as the symposium, and to collaborate with the Florida Bar in presenting programs that enrich and enhance the image and stature of the legal profession,“ said Knox. “This event was a successful ‘coming together’ of students, lawyers, judges, and Bar leaders who joined in a common purpose to connect, and commit to the idea that Professionalism Matters!

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