Savage to Lead Session at AALS Conference on Clinical Legal Education

Recently, the selection committee for the Association of American Law Schools (AALS) accepted Professor Robert K. Savage’s proposal for a concurrent session at the 2013 Conference on Clinical Legal Education in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Savage, the Director of the Investor Advocacy Clinic at Florida International University College of Law, will be collaborating on this project with the director of the University of Miami’s Investor Rights Clinic, Teresa J. Verges.

Their proposal was selected from what was, according to the selection committee, ”an unprecedented number of proposals.”

“Our selection is exciting for various reasons, including that it is another chance to highlight the FIU College of Law at a national conference, as well as because it highlights the great work our students are doing in the Investor Advocacy Clinic.  Additionally, I have invited Univ. of Miami’s law clinics to participate in this presentation, and that collaborative effort is another reason why we were selected to present,” said Savage.

The AALS notes that they award slots for concurrent sessions, “specifically for panelists to showcase innovative approaches to clinical pedagogy that mirror the theme of the third plenary.”

“Our concurrent session will explore the unique client-based and pedagogical challenges posed by a new and different breed in-house alternative dispute resolution clinic: the Consumer and Investor Advocacy Clinic,” said Savage. “The presentation will follow a plenary session which highlights prospects for integrating pedagogies and lawyering skills from diverse practice and teaching models.”

The Investor Advocacy Clinic represents members of under–served communities who have suffered losses due to broker misconduct, but due to the amount of their claim are unable to find legal representation.


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