Matthew C. MirowProfessor M.C. Mirow has just published a book review of Alejandro Guzmán-Brito’s, Codificación del derecho civil e interpretación de las leyes: las normas sobre interpretación de las leyes en los principales códigos civiles europeo-occidentales y americanos emitidos hasta fines del siglo xix in the inaugural volume of Comparative Legal History, the official journal of the European Society of Comparative Legal History. The subject of the book is the presence or absence of provisions in civil codes that dictate the way judges should interpret the codes. Guzmán-Brito wants to answer the questions of why some codes have provisions guiding judicial interpretation and others do not and of what considerations about law, more generally, in the age of codification led to particular kinds of code provisions.

Mirow’s review may be found at here.

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