Matthew C. MirowProfessor M.C. Mirow has been selected by FIU’s Provost’s Office and the Fulbright Scholar Program to serve as one of two Fulbright Campus Representatives. He was a Fulbright Scholar to Chile in 2009 and subsequently served a three-year term on peer review panels for Mexico and the Southern Cone for the Council for International Exchange of Scholars of the Institute of International Education which administers aspects of the Fulbright Program for the United States Department of State. “I am so delighted to help represent the Fulbright Program here at FIU, ” Mirow stated. “Professors teaching through the program gain wonderful insights and new views on their teaching and scholarship; it will be fun to work with others as they apply for Fulbrights.”  Mirow is a founding faculty member of FIU Law and serves as its Associate Dean of International and Graduate Studies. He is the author of Latin American Law: A History of Private Law and Institutions in Latin America (2004) and Florida’s First Constitution, The Constitution of Cadiz: Introduction, Translation and Text (2012).

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