Matthew C. MirowProfessor M.C. Mirow will receive the Golden Quill Award, Outstanding Florida History Article, for 2014 from the Florida Historical Society at the Society’s annual meeting next month.  The article “The Constitution of Cádiz in Florida” explores the constitutional history of St. Augustine and East Florida from 1812 to 1821, during Spanish rule of the region.  The article was published last year in the Florida Journal of International Law and may be found here. Mirow is also the author of the book Florida’s First Constitution, The Constitution of Cádiz: Introduction, Translation, and Text (2012).  “I am honored to have my scholarship recognized by the premier historical society of Florida.  While legal historians know a great deal about the colonial legal history of New York or Massachusetts for example, the materials for Florida have been unexplored and are equally as fascinating, complex, and integral to the legal, constitutional, and political history of United States.  Because a lot of the materials are in Spanish and deal with colonial Spanish law, special training is needed to read and to understand what you are looking at,” said Mirow.   He added, “I’ve been fortunate to have studied legal and Spanish palaeography at various stages in my career through York University’s Borthwick Institute and Cambridge University in England, and here in the States at the Newberry Library in Chicago.  All of this work has brought me back to the unexplored materials of colonial Florida.  It is, for me, my Atlantis, an undiscovered colonial legal world.”


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