Professor José Gabilondo Analyzes Recent Tax Controversies

Recently Professor José Gabilondo appeared on CNN Dinero to discuss two political controversies in Washington, D.C. that have turned on questions of tax policy and enforcement.

On May 14th, he analyzed the growing debate about selection criteria used by the Internal Revenue Service to search for impermissible political activity in applications for tax-exempt status by social welfare groups.

FIU on CNN en Español

On May 22nd, Gabilondo discussed how multinationals reduce their tax burden by using overseas affiliates, an issue that rose to prominence after members of Congress accused Apple of evading its U.S. tax liabilities by shifting income abroad.

FIU on CNN en Español (Part 1)

FIU on CNN en Español (Part 2)

Professor Gabilondo teaches federal income tax and corporate and partnership tax at the College of Law.  Before joining the academy, he worked in the U.S. Department of the Treasury.  He has been profiled on TaxProf Blog.

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