Professor Hannibal Travis to Deliver the 2012 Naby Assyrian Lecture

Professor Hannibal Travis will deliver the 2012 Naby Assyrian Lecture, “Cultural and Symbolic Reparations for Past Historical Injustices: The Future Prospects of Restitution for the Ottoman Christian Genocide” on April19th at Harvard’s Science Center A.

“Cultural and symbolic reparations aim to reverse the last stage of genocide, which is the imposition of the national identity of the perpetrator group on the remnants of the victim group. New laws and policies in the Americas, Europe and Oceania attempt to remember and symbolically remedy past historical injustices against aboriginal peoples and national minorities. These reforms mirror the recommendations of the European Union with respect to the Ottoman Christian Genocide, namely recognition of what happened, unfettered access by historians to the archives, complete religious freedom, and respect for the traditional ownership of lands and cultural treasures.”

Download a PDF version of the event’s program»

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